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One Cook Book a Week


January 29, 2010

There were a series of years, (more than I care to admit), where my love of things equine resulted in all Christmas, birthday, and “just because” presents being oriented around the horse theme. There were horse books, horse figurines, horse journals, Waterford Crystal horse head wine bottle stoppers, horse belts, horse sticker books, and of course, the horse calendar.

An equestrian to this day, I somehow seemed to evolve past what we will only refer to as “the horsey years”.

However, as my interest in cooking has grown, cook books seem to have become the replacement. Let me be clear.¬† I adore cook books. But I have now ended up with a bookshelf of them, and therefore thousands of recipes I’ve never even tried. The other day a wave of panic crossed my mind as I thought about all the recipes out there in the world and how I would never be able to make them all.

While I certainly won’t be able to make them all, I am determined to at least start cooking a representative cross-section of them.

So, here’s the challenge:

The Meal Plan will be back in full force. But each week will be based off solely ONE cookbook. My goal is to get through all of them (although we’ll see how it goes when I get to the really boutique and/or outlandish ones.)

Wish me luck…I’m going in!


  1. Erina says:

    Uh oh…just realized this doesn’t even begin to take into account my cooking magazines. Will have to give that some thought.

  2. Good luck with your challenge! Sounds like a fun idea – the best tip I have is to keep going – don’t let life get in the way! I find that it can be really easy to give myself excuses on a busy week, but I always force myself to find the time and am thankful afterwards.
    Also – playing around with photos really helps! Im a really bad photo taker but Im always trying to get a better shot and try new things with my photos in the hopes that one day Ill get a great one!

  3. ValleyWriter says:

    What a neat idea! I, too, have more cookbooks that anyone really needs – and I hardly use them. I have my tried and true recipes in some them, but other than that – they’re more like paperweights. If your plan goes well, I might just try this myself!

  4. Maman says:

    Bravo, my dear horsey daughter. I mean…..
    cooking blogger.

    Good luck with your one-a-week plan !

    Please be assured, I hereby promise to resist the temptation to give you Turkey Shore cookbook treasures. You know, the ones that sit on the bottom shelf, looking dusty and dejected ? It will be fun to read of your successes!

  5. Good luck with it! It helps to have a plan in advance so (hopefully) you will stick with it!

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