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Week One in Paris: Photo Highlights


January 9, 2014

I’ve been having a hard time falling asleep in Paris. Not because the bed isn’t comfortable (it is) or my neighborhood nosy (it is not), but because once I finally turn my light off, my mind starts spinning.

My new favorite Paris restaurant...if you come to visit me...we're going!

The scallops at Le Hide, my new favorite Paris restaurant…if you come to visit me…we’re going!

Thinking of the luscious Noix de Saint Jacques à la Plancha I had at Le Hide (10 rue du Général Lanrezac, 17e) an exquisite little restaurant tucked off an unassuming side street, that served possibly the most perfectly cooked scallops I have ever had the good fortune of enjoying, seared just long enough to caramelize them and then set atop a salad of arugula and frisèe, flecked with bacon and finished with a rich yet tangy vinaigrette.

Bague De Kenza

For dinner I had rosè and Algerian pastries…it was divine.

Pining for the schwarma at L’as du Fallafel in the Marais (34 rue des Rosiers, 4e), where smoky grilled aubergines (eggplants) top a brimming pita filled with turkey and lamb, best enjoyed having stumbled into a quiet park in the neighboring Latin Quarter to enjoy my feast.

Why yes...funny you should ask...this IS a chocolate gorilla giving you the middle finger.

Why yes…funny you should ask…this IS a chocolate gorilla giving you the middle finger.

I think of all the places I’ll go (how many times would it be acceptable to go to The Grand Epicerie at The Bon Marche?), and when I’ll have my best chance to get a coveted table at the currently oh-so-hot Le Comptoir du Relais (I’m thinking a Monday…6 Carrefour de l’Odeon, 6e), and what I’ll order when I finally do talk my way through the door (foie gras).

Arc de Triumphe.

Winter in Paris…the Arc de Triumphe.

Of course, I also wonder if I got scammed at the Bureaux de Change getting pounds for my weekend trip to London (jury is still out…I’m going to pretend it was just a really high commission), why that woman was glaring at me on the subway (going with jealousy over new and incredibly adept fashion statements being made by yours truly) and how it is that I managed to get lost on one single street for longer than I care to admit (blaming a deep seeded terrible sense of direction there, and nothing more).

Grand Epicerie

The epic Grand Epicerie at The Bon Marchè. Like Disney for food lovers.

With my mind buzzing of all the day’s delights and my stomach full with all the day’s feasts, and my heart brimming with all the adventures that still await…I toss and turn and wait for the next day to arrive so I can do it all again. So who cares if I’m tired…it’s Paris. 

Bisoux! (kisses)

Stumbling upon random beauty daily.

Stumbling upon random beauty daily.

Hediard…where everything looks nearly too good to eat, let alone touch.


  1. Maman says:

    I want to eat all the scallops at Le Hide…..And tell me, just how big IS that chocolate gorilla

  2. Such a wonderful adventure – thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

  3. Highlights indeed! Everything looks great!

  4. Denise says:

    Thank you for your pics of Paris. My daughter and I were there January last year! Snow everywhere! The fruit and pastry look just as I remember.

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      Thank you for enjoying them! I’m hoping there will be snow while I’m here. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than a snow covered city of light.

  5. sally says:

    Just fantastic Erina! I can tell you are having no fun at all. Something about the markets in Paris. Have you been over to Rue Cler yet? So much to explore. I pray we get to do this one day! Go for a month or longer. I have a friend whose daughter and boyfriend went for 3 months last year…and he proposed there! She came home a bride-to-be. Ahh, you make me want to get on a plane. Although I want to speak fluent French when we go. Take a zillion photos!

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      Too funny, Sally, I stumbled upon Rue Cler just by chance and just after you mentioned it. Coming for the longer time is really just so delicious…a chance to settle in…get to know the local boulangerie and pattiserie…even the neighborhood cat (a tabby) and dog (a Boston Terrier).

      The photos will continue…I promise!


  6. Maureen says:

    Marvelous. I love Paris even when the folks are grumpy. It IS Paris. 🙂

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      Justement! Right you are Maureen…one must embrace the French…I think it’s all quite amusing honestly.

  7. I can’t believe how much pastry I am seeing! looks like somebody had fun!

  8. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. I love everything about Paris! My husband and I spent a month backpacking through France a few years back and Paris was definitely one of my favorite spots. I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

  9. Wow — it all looks so wonderful!! I hope you have an amazing time!

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      Amy….it is positively decadent! I am feeling so very lucky. And now….must go eat more pastries! 🙂

  10. Faye says:

    So glad to find another person who shares my levels of enthusiasm for Paris – sometimes I think myself slightly obsessed 😉 sounds like such a wonderful week in this city!

    • Erina says:

      So lovely to virtually meet you…and you’re definitely not alone! This place is indeed magical…I’m feeling very lucky to be here.

      • Shut Up & Cook says:

        And I have no idea why I’m showing up as Dmitriy…he is the lovely developer for my site, but definitely not me!

  11. Jenn says:

    I love Paris and it looks like you are having a fabulous time! Congrats! The food you can completely get lost in. Enjoy and keep the beautiful photos coming!

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      That’s the perfect way to describe it Jenn…you can truly get lost in the cuisine here. Thanks for your encouragement!

  12. laurasmess says:

    Your Paris posts are gorgeous Erina! Wow. I haven’t been over to France for about six years now, I am craving the sights, smells, history and amazing cuisine. Thanks for giving us a virtual tour through pictures and words. You’ve captured some brilliant moments. Following you from now on xx

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      Hooray, hooray! So glad it’s bringing you back if only for an instant.

      When you were here…where did you stay? Where did you go? Highlights? Do tell!

  13. Memoria says:

    I was in Paris for the second time in March of last year. You are bringing up such great memories for me :). If I ever go back to Paris, I’m going back to my favorite boulangerie (Du Pain et Des Idees I love the “soundtrack” on this site!). When my bf and I went there, we ordered one of everything, sat at the one lone bench out front in the cold, and sampled everything. It was unforgettable. You should definitely go there.

    In 2012-2013, I, too, packed up everything and went to Europe for 9 months. I lived in Italy and England and had a blast. I even met my current Italian bf there :). I hope to return this summer.

    TIP: Instead of going to a money exchange place, get your money from an ATM no matter the country. So, if you’re going to London, withdraw money when you get there. The limit will appear lower due to currency rates, but if you don’t need more than 300-400 pounds (that was the limit when I was there, and it depends on the bank’s policy), then go to a money exchange place or get more out the next day. Not only is it more convenient to use the ATM, but you also won’t have to pay as high of a fee. Also, pack lighter next time haha :).

    • Shut Up & Cook says:

      What a fabulous story!!! Nine months?!?! That is incredible. I am so impressed.

      Thanks for the top about Du Pain et Des Idees. I will absolutely go check it out…hooray!

      and you’re so right about the ATMs, that definitely seems to be the way to go.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Medeja says:

    I would love to see Paris one day..

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