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My new favorite Seattle spot: Picnic


November 28, 2010

Meats, cheeses

Hello lover.

I have recently rediscovered the public library system, and feel as though I’ve stumbled into a heretofore unfound city of gold.

Did you know they let you borrow books for free?? Free! That’s right. And you can borrow nearly as many as you like….for free!

[yes, you freaking moron, this is what a library IS] you are probably thinking.

Despite clearly knowing what a library is, whenever I go, I look around furtively as I sneak in feeling as though surely the word must not yet be out how brilliant this is, for if it were all the books would be gone. (yes, it is this paranoia that leads me to check out 6, 7, okay 8 books at a time.)

So when I walked into Picnic, a food + wine boutique in Phinney Ridge that is owned by fellow Skidmore Alumni Jenny and Anson Klock, the feelings of joy, excitement, and minor anxiety were all to familiar.

The place is brilliant.

As the name implies it is a darling wine shop/gift shop (but in the very best possible way)/charcuterie, brimming with local and exotic wines, meats, cheeses, and their personal collection of all things delicious which include tantalizing homemade soups, spectacular quiches, and sinfully good-looking macaroni and cheese that left me wishing I could order some and blame it on “the kids”.

The space is fantastic, inviting you to browse the wonderfully diverse and accessible wine collection while doing drive-bys of the cheese counter, and catching whiff’s of Anson’s now famous Lentil Soup if you’re lucky enough to have it be on the menu that day. Wines range from everyday to decadent, and Jenny isn’t afraid to grab a $10 bottle and tell you “I love this one!”

Simply put, if you live in Seattle and haven’t been here yet, you must go immediately. Just don’t tell too many of your friends or Picnic might run out of wine + pate by the next time I’m there.

Wine deliciousness

Wine deliciousness


  1. Mark says:

    Skidmore?? I haven’t heard of Skidmore in ages. I was stationed in Balston Spa (a long time ago, and no, you may not ask 🙂 ). I love that area of the country. Beautiful.

  2. Erina says:

    Too funny…you don’t often hear about Balston Spa out here in Seattle! And yes…it is indeed a beautiful part of the country, although the NW is not without its charms. As always, thanks for reading!

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